A Night In The 831: Bocci’s Cellar (feat. La Yerba Ruda, Terry King, Ryddim & More)

Back on October 3rd we at Sessiontapes.com took the trip out to Santa Cruz,CA to film our first official  “A Night In The 831” at Bocci’s Cellar as we cover the return La Yerba Ruda to Sessiontapes.com. La Yerba Ruda was first introduce back in July of this year with our first video release which you can view here. We also got an artist spotlight with Terry King aka Mistah English, and like to introduce the Salinas Valley’s newest reggae band Ryddim, With an amazing night at Bocci’s Cellar which had live performances, awesome interactions with fans, spontaneous freestyle, and so much more. We also had guest appearances by DJ Sugar Bear of Cool And Deadley Sounds, Ruben lead guitarist of Wasted Noise, Victor percussionist of Dread I Knights, and introducing SMK beat boxing his heart out for the cameras.

Everything felt organic and in-place as the night opened up with a performance by Ryddim to get the crowd warmed up then La Yerba Ruda and Terry King tore the house down with their Latin Roots and Reggae Fusion that the 831 have grown to know and love from the 831 Roots Crew. So take the time and check out the first official “A Night In The 831: Bocci’s Cellar” as you experience something special in the making. Also keep a lookout for La Yerba Ruda’s first EP to be release in early 2016.

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