ANIT831: Casa Sorrento ( SRP, Janelle Phillips, Wakane & More)

ANIT831 “A Night IN The 831” is back and this time from Casa Sorrento in Salinas, CA. The staff  got a chance to hang out and film the return of Skanks Roots Project #SRP back in October of 2015, and they brought along with them Janelle Phillips and Wakane. Plus we get a guest appearance by the OC’s own Aloha Radio.

During there latest performance SRP performed hits like “Bittersweet Love”, “Music Saved My Life” and “Livin’ On A Dream”. SRP also backed up Janelle Phillips as she performed “Lifted” from her “Lioness EP” that is out now. SRP also backed up Wakane as she performed “Gone So Far” from her newly released album “Rising“. Finally we get an introduction piece with Aloha Radio, so kick your feet up and check out “A Night In The 831: Casa Sorrento”

I want to give a big shout out and thanks  to DJ Skanks and Jeremy for helping make this happen

FYI: Skanks Roots Project, Janelle Phillips will be blessing the Casa Sorrento stage with Salinas’ own son of the east side “Lujan” and backed by Militia of Love, and DJ Sugar Bear will be on the 1’s & 2’s all night. Friday April 29th 2016.


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