Protoje – Can’t Feel No Way + Glad You’re Home #NewMusic

Whats going on everyone last month we release Protoje’s OVA Freestlye Video (click here) and today in an unusual fashion from Protoje whose releases in the past have been at a slower pace and are usually few and far between. Chooses to release 2 brand new tracks with in days apart from each other, but Protoje is not done as he will be releasing his latest project Royalty Free this Tuesday June 14th for FREE….


Protoje’s thoughts on the release reflect his current mood; “I feel full to the brim with musical expressions and i decided that for this summer I want to give my fans an ample supply of new material”.

First is track is titled “Can’t Feel No Way” and the second is “Glad You’re Home”, and thy are produced by Tracker John MD

So take the time and give a listen to Protoje’s latest tracks Can’t Feel No Way and Glad You’re Home, and come back to this tuesday for Protoje’s Royalty Free album.

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