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Second Album from Acclaimed Roots Reggae Singer & Former Wailers Member

Gary Nesta Pine has been inspired by, and devoted to, music for as long as he can remember.  “I’m a messenger from Jah.  My dad was a postman; I feel like I am the postman of music.” The impact reggae has had on his life, and him on its sound, can’t be understated. They’re so intertwined that it’s hard to imagine Jamaican roots reggae without the passion of Gary Nesta Pine.

Pine first came on to the scene in 1989 as lead singer for City Heat, one of Jamaica’s most in-demand bands. Performing at hotels for eager tourists who would bring home a copy of their CD as a souvenir, Pine and City Heat were in demand to bring their ample talents to the US, where they toured with legendary dancehall artist, Super Cat. Being in America gave Pine the impetus to help develop the New York City roots reggae scene, taking it out of the underground and pushing to move it into the foreground. In 1998, like an anointment from the reggae gods, Pine became the lead singer for the Wailers. The legendary band, which performed and created hit after hit with Bob Marley, changed the face of music – not just reggae – forever. As such, Pine played an integral part in one of the most influential movements in music history.

After his eight years fronting the Wailers, Pine’s career took a surprising twist when he began collaborating with French DJ and Producer Bob Sinclar, who featured Gary on several tracks on his Western Dream album. Their song, the platinum selling “Love Generation,” was a dancefloor and international pop hit.  It was also the theme for the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the French version of American Idol (“Star Academy”). Revelations has a fantastic new version of this anthem track. Gary also had success with Shaggy on the song “Fly High,” which exposed him to a whole new generation of fans.

This incredible new collection picks up where his highly acclaimed 2013 release, From Jahmaica to de World, left off.  Recorded in Staten Island, New York, as well as in Norwich (Port Antonio) Jamaica, Revelations was produced by veteran reggae bassist Devon Bradshaw (former bassist for Burning Spear), Ian “Beezy” Coleman (guitarist for Ziggy Marley), and Tristan Richards (keyboard player for Live Wya). Gary was the primary songwriter with contributions from Bradshaw, Coleman and Basil Cunningham (former bassist for Rita Marley).

The 13-track set includes songs that deal with very timely topics such as “Pirates” and “Mr. Wallstreet,” which both examine the current financial crisis.  Says Pine “Those tracks, they are about the vibe on Wall Street.  Not everyone, but a lot of people in that field just care about money. It’s a warning song letting those who may not know better to watch their backs.” The acoustic guitar driven “Justice” tackles the issue of police brutality and how it affects people who are trying to remain peaceful and loving, “I’ve been sitting on that song and decided to release it on this album. Police killing my brothers and sisters and getting away with it, it’s just a hard thing to watch. I’m not on anybody’s side – I’m on God’s side – I’m on justice’s side.” On the drum heavy “That’s the Way” Pine sings about the lack of opportunity offered to a segment of the population.  The big fish are eating the small fish.’ We should all have equal opportunities, like having the chance to go to college. We live in a system of preferential treatment and it isn’t working.”  The rhythmic “Woman Like You” is a love song to strong and beautiful women. Says Pine, “It’s about a woman who is successful in business, love and education. She has style and grace, was raised well and is someone you want to be around.”  Maybe the most personal track is “Thanks and Praise,” where, as Pine says, “It’s just Gary giving thanks and praise to the almighty Rastafari, for the mountains, the birds, the world, the people who influenced my life, the love of my family, his guidance. It’s a prayer from me to God.” Gary also ‘covers’ his big hit with Sinclar, “Love Generation,” using the same melody but different lyrics.

Gary’s music, which regularly attracts new followers from all over the world, has taken him from Jamaica to America to the forefront of the New York City roots reggae scene to the top of the European Dance charts… and now to the long-awaited release of Revelations, out on August 26, 2016.


01.The Herbs
02.Woman Like You
03.Mr. Wallstreet
04.Love Generation
05.Great Kings of Africa
06.Thanks and Praise
09.Live the Love
10.That’s the Way
11.Natural High
12.Ragga Muffin
13.Dancing in the Rain

Here is the first track off of Revelations

Plus here is the commercial for Revelations

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