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Satsang is set to release their sophomore album on March 20, 2017 with Rootfire Cooperative. The album, Pyramid(s), is a refreshing album ready to activate the masses; accompanying the present minded lyrics is a fuller sound and new-soul vibe. Album special guests include Nahko Bear and Tim Snider of Medicine For The PeopleWookiefootTubby Love, and Grammy Award winner Chris Berry (has performed with Paul Winter, Eminem, Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzmann, Yousoon N’dour, Sly and Robbie). Satsang is comprised of Drew McManus (Guitar, Lead Vocals, Song Writer), Karl Roth (Bass, Weissenborn, Keys, Guitar, Background Vocals, engineer/ producer), and Keller Paulson (Drums, Keys, Percussion).

Pyramid(s) is rooted in the life experiences of songwriter and lead singer Drew McManus who creates music for his soul. He is fueled by the ever present task of personal growth and the beautiful life that he found in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. Commenting on his difficult upbringing in Des Moines and residency in Chicago, McManus says, “I grew up in an environment where aggression, violence, abuse, and addiction were always present. It made me a lot of things; angry, sad, and ashamed. I hated my story and I was a slave to addiction. I tried for so long to hide from the reality of my story and the reality of how beautiful life could be.” It wasn’t until an intense spiritual experience lead Drew to break his cycle of addiction. “I had changed my entire outlook on everything” says McManus, “I began to realize that had everything not happened to me exactly like it did I would not be exactly who/where/what I am right now.” In an effort to share his revelation with others who may be in the same predicament, Drew began to write every day. “I was flooded with the urge to write down the lessons that kept revealing themselves in this surrender. And the connections I began making with other people by making this music vulnerable and open, began to change everything.” Satsang’s lyrics are a statement of lessons learned and a further understanding of self, “The whole story is what makes it beautiful, not just the good bits.”

The album will be released on Rootfire Cooperative which is a not-for-profit label with a refreshing artist friendly platform. The label is a cooperative whose mission is to positively contribute and participate in the progressive roots, reggae, and dub community by providing resources to artists for production, marketing, and manufacturing of recorded music through interest free micro loans. The labels unique approach was featured in Billboard.

With the help of Rootfire Cooperative and by eliminating the pressure to record in a studio the band was able to fully realize and enjoy the creative process. The album was recorded and produced by the band at Drew’s house in Red Lodge, MT and on the road. Multi-talented band member Karl Roth, mixed and engineered the album. Karl produced on the fly as the creative process took hold in hotel rooms, tour van, bathrooms, campers, and festivals. One example is the notable track, “Between” featuring Nakho Bear, which was recorded on a drive between festivals in Oregon, in Drew’s kitchen, in Karl, and Kellers homes, and at Red Lodge High School in MT.

The lead single track “Between” features a chorus of elementary and high school aged kids and Nakho Bear. For Satsang, “Between” is about finding the peace in between where we are and where we want to be. It’s about realizing the work is never done because the work is the lesson, the message, the blessing and the truth. “Between” is out now on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

Pyramid(s) is set to release on Monday, March 20th in reverence of Spring Equinox and the cycle of rebirth. Now entering their second year and sophomore album cycle, Satsang is a fresh and refreshing band ready to activate the masses.

The band has received critical and fan acclaim with the debut release of The Story of You (March 2016) along with two single releases; “Be Love” (June 2016) and “Make It Better – Remix” (Oct 2016). Within the last year, Satsang has performed in support of high-profile tours including, Nahko And Medicine For The People, Trevor Hall and Michael Franti as well as Envision Festival (CR), Northwest String Summit (OR), Shangri-La (MN), Project Earth (MN), What The Fest?! (OR), Summer Music Festival (ID), Southeast Alaska State Fair (AK), The Big Wonderful (CO), Newberry Event Music & Arts Festival (OR), Sunrise Gathering (MN), Beartooth Basecamp (MT), and their own extensive tour. Satsang’s live shows are energetic and intentionally aimed to open, inform and active audiences with the positive message of “Be The Change.” Satsang is currently on tour. Check out the tour dates below.



  • Feb 09 – Jannus Live supporting Michael Franti – St. Petersburg, FL
  • Feb 10 – Mavericks Live supporting Michael Franti – Jacksonville, FL
  • Feb 13 – The Plaza Live supporting Micheal Franti – Orlando, FL
  • Feb 23 – 26 – Envision Festival – Uvita, Costa Rica
  • Mar 02 – Bimbo’s 365 Club (supporting Trevor Hall) – San Francisco, CA
  • Mar 03 – Napa Valley Opera House (supporting Trevor Hall) – Napa, CA
  • Mar 04 – The Catalyst (supporting Trevor Hall) – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Mar 05 – Teragram Ballroom (supporting Trevor Hall) – Los Angeles, CA
  • Mar 16 – Arlene Theater – Minot, ND
  • Mar 17 – Icehouse – Minneapolis, MN
  • Mar 18 – Tonic Room – Chicago, IL
  • Mar 19 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
  • Mar 24 – 25 –  Spring Up! Music Festival – St Louis, MO

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