Presents New Kingston l Caliroots

New Kingston reggae band out of Brooklyn, New York were blessed to perform at the 9th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival in Monterey, CA. We at had the chance to talk with New Kingston about several different topics ranging from, how they came up with their band name to their most recent album A Kingston Story: Come From Far to the influences they had growing up. We also had the chance to film New Kingston open up the final day of this year’s Caliroots on The Bowl stage, which was an amazing performance, to say the least.

We can’t forget the extended cameo from the homie Ozzie of We Should Smoke as he jumps on stage to lights up a one-ounce joint to join in the festivities on The Bow stage, plus he helps New Kingston and their fans get a bit motávated during their meet and greet at their booth.

So take the time and check out our latest Presents video featuring an amazing band, and come back soon for more videos from this years Caliroots.

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