¿Qiensave? Drops Their Sophomore Album “Mujer”

¿Qiensave? a Cumbia Urbana group from central coast of California, which we’ve covered and supported here on Sessiontapes.com since we launched, has released their sophomore album “Mujer” earlier this summer.

The “Mujer” album, began as an exploration that became an explosion of Cumbia Urbana; Cumbia with a fusion of Rock, Reggae and Alternative, or how the band describes it – Cumbia mixed with the sounds of the street. “Mujer” is a catchy blend of music that is sure to get any party started and guaranteed to get your body moving, an energetic journey through the dance of life. In the end it is a product of the bands love and hard work, and it show through out the album.

¿Qiensave? released their street single “La Fuga” late last year as a teaser for their fans as they waited patiently  for the band to release their sophomore album, which was released  over the summer. “La Fuga” was recorded in Mexico City with Latin Grammy Nominee Eric Canales of the band Allison.

Sam Pura produced the bands lead single “High Class”. “Working with Sam was a true honor” said Carlos, “it was  fun working with a like minded individual, so much we became super best friends ”. The combination of Sam Pura’s expertise , and ¿Qiensave? energy is what makes their single “High Class” a true hit.


They create high energy dance music that has fortunately blessed them with the opportunity to travel throughout California, Mexico and Colombia. Qiensave has existed as musical entity since 2009, but within the last few years they have picked up steam through touring, and sharing the stage with acts like Celso Piña, La Santa Cecilia, Fuerza de Tijuana, and La Septima Banda among others. Currently the band is promoting the release of their new album “Mujer”  sharing their love of music, culture, and dance with the world, because dancing keeps the body healthy and a healthy body is a healthy spirit.

Mujer – Tracklisting

  1. Intro

  2. Chica Material

  3. La Fuga

  4. Suspendido

  5. La Sirena

  6. High Class

  7. Verano

  8. Luz De Neon

  9. 512-1433

  10. Mujer

  11. Chasing The Sun

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