Melymel Drops New Album “Dragon Queen”

The most respected female rapper in the Dominican Republic, Melymel, A.K.A. “La mama del Rap” (Rap Mom), is due to drop Dragon Queen on November 2nd with the tastemaker label EMPIRE. It is a powerful nod to female empowerment, with a fresh sound and message that resonates with the Latin trap scene.

It took Melymel over the course of a year and traveling across the U.S. and DR to create the forthcoming release, her journey sets the tone for the new album. The title is personal to Melymel, she explains “Dragon Queen is derived from my year of birth 1988, which according to the Chinese, was the year of the dragon. I am the dragon queen and a Latin queen.”  She recalls “All the songs are special, each one has a unique story behind the curtain. From the muse to the creation process.” She explains, “Each song is like a son to whom you give all the best of you.”

Dragon Queen is stacked with hits, created alongside critically acclaimed producers and artists like Ivy QueenMozart La ParaNeka OneMestizaKool Kojak and more. A few standouts include the lead single “IDGAF”. The video was filmed in a single extended shot as the rap star glides through the streets of Gualey, which per the video is “one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic.” She also released this summer’s hot track, “No One” Ft. Mozart La Para, a dancehall tinged track produced by the chart-topping producer Kool Kojak(Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha).

On “Si No Te Amara” she reminds us to love yourself first when seeking love. For the video release, Melymel sat down with Tidal and expanded about the song, “This video symbolizes something that both women and men have all been through,” explains Melymel of the song, which doesn’t depict any physical abuse, but highlights emotional neglect and irresponsibility all the same. “If you are going through it – at the end – it’s not worth it.” Another hit off the new album is “Cuando Salimos” which debuted with Noisey. Melymel reflects on the track, “When I made this record, I was in the studio with High Quality in NY and he was playing beats for me and when he played this one, the only thing I can think of was about life in the hood and the sounds of the streets. From that point on the lyrics just spilled out of me…” 

“Se Te Apago La Luz” Ft. Ivy Queen, was an unforgettable dinner with the mother of the Latin Urban genre Ivy Queen and producer Jorge Miliano. Melymel recalls, “I was with Ivy at her home, after having spent the afternoon cooking and sharing, I was ready to leave when Miliano started throwing beats and Ivy started to hum different flows and I followed the flow, she hummed a very hard flow for the chorus and I automatically came up with the lyrics, she loved it and automatically began writing her verse, and I started writing mine, she shared with me what she was writing and I shared with her what I was writing, we looked like high school kids who were assigned a project to do together, what a great vibe!”

“Afterparty” is a Jamaican vibed song for the masses that reflects Melymel’s island sensibilities. “Yo No Toy En Chisme” is about what happens when assumptions, and invasion of privacy take over a relationship, and when honesty doesn’t cut it because the rumors are overpowering. “No Se Me Olvida” Ft. Neka One is a nod to Pimpinela reimagined into trap stylings. “Ella Sabe” is about a secret relationship Melymel had with a public figure and they are taking the details to the grave. “Salgo Sola” Ft. Mestiza has a nightly and feminine vibe, “Donde Estuviera” is an honest reflection about being in the limelight.

This is Melymel’s third album but first release with tastemaker label EMPIRE. Known for breaking the industry mold, EMPIRE records have become the leading independent record label with signed acts like Jon B, Tyga, Tego Calderón, XXXtentancion and now Melymel. “My first single singed to Empire was “IDGAF”! I’m excited to be partnering with such an incredible group and excited to get my music out to more people that don’t know me, and for those who know me, keep enjoying,” remarks Melymel.

Reflecting back on the new album Dragon Queen, Melymel comments, “Making this album has been one of the most complicated processes that I have gone through, not because of the realization of the songs but the situations that were presented in the realization of each project. Every time something like this happens, the result is very rewarding. I hope you enjoy the sound and can feel the effort that I put into each song. I want to thank God and everyone who participated in this album, thanks to EMPIRE for believing in me and thanks to the fans for their support.”

Actress, producer, singer and rapper, Melymel has been developing her professional career since 2005. Her early influences from 2PAC and Lauren Hill were sought after by her as a kid, as rap music was not readily available on the island mainly filled with the more popular tunes from bachata, merengue, reggae and salsa influences. Her rise in popularity is noted with her 1.7+ million Instagram followers, her 20+ million YouTube views, and her strong feminine voice that has overtaken the trap scene worldwide. All of this success alongside the new album has catapulted Melymel into the forefront of trap music, and has shown us that she, in fact, is the Dragon Queen.

In celebration of the new release, Dragon Queen, Melymel is offering a unique fan experience with Tuespeak. Fans can get the chance to win a limited edition Dragon Queenmerch pack with a personalized handwritten note from Melymel and an exclusive signed Dragon Queen poster by entering to win here or by visiting: Melymel will be touring this Winter in support of the new album, in the meantime follow her here and check out her new album here.

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