OUT NOW: ¿Qiensave? New Single “Mata De Mota” Featuring Tropa Magica

Cumbia Urbana band ¿Qiensave? Has been steadily working on new material since the release of their sophomore album “Mujer”. Today they announce the release of their latest single “Mata De Mota” featuring fellow musical colleagues Tropa Magica. “Mata De Mota” is out now on all digital platforms via ONE rpm Distribution.

“Mata de Mota” is a unique choice for this single, as it is a song written by Chico Che, late in his career but never officially recorded or performed. The first introduction of the song was by Chico Che Jr. who often performed it as part of his live repertoire. Since then, several other artists have released their interpretations. 

¿Qiensave? Decided to give the song “Mata de Mota” new life as an homage to Chico Che, his music and legacy. The chusca aesthetic and fusion-based musicality of Chico Che has been very prominent influences on both Qiensave and Tropa Magica. Chico’s progressive fusion of Cumbia and Rock ‘n’ Roll was something that was revolutionary for the time, and his playful lyrics, personality, and swagger are what lead to his eventual success and status as one of the most important figures in the history of Latin music. When asked why they wanted to cover the song, ¿Qiensave? stated, “Chico Che was a great songwriter, composer, and possibly a prophet”.  Growing up on his music, both Qiensave and Tropa Magica take a very similar approach to their work and that’s reflective in this single, but with a modern twist. 

The legalization of cannabis in California has brought many new and more sustainable jobs to migrant farmworkers and an influx of money benefitting local economies. One of these being the economy of ¿Qiensave?’s home, the Salinas Valley, where local politicians plan on investing the tax dollars into education, youth, and restorative justice, something the band fully supports. “Mata de Mota” was written during the prohibition era of Cannabis, but today it’s taken on new meaning with the ever-changing and complicated political landscape of today. It’s becoming less about lifestyle and more about the industry and how that industry can benefit society.

When ¿Qiensave? was deciding on who to produce “Mata De Mota”, both Alejandro and Carlos came down to the same conclusion and return to Panda Studios with Sam Pura who previously produced “High Class” and “512-1433” for their sophomore album. During the process of finalizing “Mata de Mota”, singer/songwriter of the group, Carlos brought up the idea of making an 8-bit style music video for the song, which blossomed into the idea of creating a mobile video game. Long-time friend and colleague of ¿Qiensave?, Super 8-bit Rafa was asked to develop the game inspired by both the band and this song, featuring the 8-bit caricatures of  ¿Qiensave?  and Tropa Magica. The game is filled with nostalgia, as you will see several references to some of yesterday’s pop culture and cult classic icons. The game takes you on a joy ride through the mind of ¿Qiensave? And super 8-bit Rafa, as their music plays in the background. 

Download the official Mata De Mota ¿Qiensave? X Tropa Magica mobile video game here:  Android I Apple

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