Project Out Of Bounds Drops New EP “P.O.B. vs Mister Midnight”

San Diego reggae band Project Out of Bounds has returned with a brand-new EP entitled “P.O.B. vs Mister Midnight”. This new EP consists of four previously released originals that P.O.B. chose to remix with a completely different style. “P.O.B. vs Mister Midnight” is now available on all digital platforms via Mister Midnight Music Publishing by clicking here.

P.O.B. vs Mister Midnight is a collaborative experiment between Project Out of Bounds and the band’s trumpet player, “Mister Midnight”, who is also an ambitious solo artist. “P.O.B. vs Mister Midnight” is a psychedelic roller-coaster ride of reggae fused with trip-hop, jazz, and some elements of dubstep and electronica. The lead single “Strong Survive” has a melodic sound that can mesmerize any listener, as grooves of guitar riffs and melodic tones of keyboard create a unique sound for your ears. Additionally, P.O.B has released a music video for “Strong Survive” which complements the song in its entirety; transforming its psychedelic nature into a complete visual experience. 

When asked why these songs were chosen for this new project, Kris stated that “We ultimately want to release a vinyl (in the future) with all of our greatest songs, but we don’t believe some of our classic tunes are recorded well enough.” That is why Kris and Mister Midnight went back to the studio to re-record “Disc Junkies” and “Robot”. Kris felt that these songs needed to be given the same treatment that they had given both “Wildman” and “Fire” in their 2019 EP “Forever”.  They also went back and jazzed up their original pre-production versions of “Soldja” and “Strong Survive”, giving birth to a completely new concept.

While listening to “Disc Junkies” and “Robot” you will notice how these songs have been modernized since their initial releases, while remaining true to the original vibe that made them popular nearly a decade ago. When it comes to “Soldja” and their lead single “Strong Survive”, they have become more melodic in nature, showing the overall evolution of the band.  In the end, this is a well-rounded EP in sound and production that truly showcases the musical ability of Project Out of Bounds.

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