El Dusty New Collab with Adan Cruz, Serko Fu, and Morenito de Fuego “Cámara Lenta”!

Latin Grammy-nominated composer, arranger, and ringmaster, El Dusty, releases a brand new collaboration track in “Cámara Lenta” with Adan Cruz, Serko Fu, and Morenito de Fuego. “Cámara Lenta” is a slow-hitting summer anthem, releasing at the peak of summer, as everyone is slowly getting back to some sort of normalcy in their lives. “Cámara Lenta” is out now and available on all digital platforms for streaming or download.

Embodying elements of Cumbia, Electronic, & Trap, “Cámara Lenta” proves to be another textbook banger from El Dusty. The track features an elite cast group of artists all who stand alone with critical accolades and fan cult followings led by the ringmaster himself, El Dusty.  To date, Adan Cruz has amassed almost 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Serko Fu has been hailed as “one of the best storytellers of rap en español” with his breakout song “Margarito”. And Morenito de Fuego’s video for his hit single “Maldición Gitana” has received almost 1 million views. El Dusty reflects, “We’re excited to be releasing music with friends. This is the first of a load of tunes coming!” 

El Dusty is considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica. KUTX has hailed him as “legendary,” Rolling Stone has said he is at the “Forefront of nu-cumbia” and Billboard claimed “ [he is] creating a new and distinctly Latino sound.” As Corpus Christi’s leading man he has been feeding cumbia into his sound processor and synthesizer before the turn of the millennium as he translates the Southern Texas border experience into new anthems where the MPC2000 sampler and chopped clips of Latin and reggae music history collide.

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